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Make your visit great with us

Boutique Style Travel Agency is your one step easy planning tool for your trip to Costa Rica, we understand the needs of our clients and use all our experience to make your visit unforgettable.


We love traveling and for this reason we always put ourselves in our client´s shoes, or should I say sandals ....

We founded because our clients needed a reliable company that could offer tours and experiences “outside the box” but with great affordable prices.


We make it all easy for you, you get the idea to come to Costa Rica, you spend a few sleepless nights thinking about it, you google it, along with other countries at the same time, just in case you find something better.


Then you realize Costa Rica is a way better destination than the rest.


There is soooo much information on the web that you get overwhelmed and just when you are ready to give in, you find our site and things start to go smoothly.


Our services

  • Understand what expectations you have from your visit to Costa Rica.

  • Recommend you where to go, things to see and do, where to stay, all based on your preferences and budget.

  • Design the perfect visit. 

  • Find the right hotels and tour companies for you.

  • Suggest and arrange the best way for you to travel through the country. 

  • Be available during the time you are in Costa Rica for any questions you may have. 

  • Make your experience in Costa Rica awesome!

​You have a team of bilingual, friendly and knowledgeable people ready to talk to you, we listen to what you have in mind, we ask you questions and share great ideas for beautiful places and interesting activities, all tailored to your age, budget, personality and expectations, after all, this country has a little gem for everyone.


We work together on the logistics, focusing on making the most of everyday you spend here, polish the activities, until we are happy with the balance between things to do and time to relax and enjoy.


We tighten the budget backwards and forwards until we are all happy and then, we proceed with the booking and confirmation of all the services and you sit back and wait for your travel date.


You may contact us daily with different questions about what to bring, safety, documents, where to eat, pool water temperatures, finding a girlfriend or boyfriend (if you are single) and we will kindly answer all your questions.


Upon arriving one of us will be at the airport, we will hug and laugh together over a coffee if you arrive early morning or a cold local beer if you prefer, after all, you are on vacation already!


We will go over all the details together and off you go, ready to enjoy our paradise!


During your stay here, we will always be only a call away...


Costa Rica

This country has been blessed with nature, marvelous beaches, wildlife, and friendly local people, each area offers amazing accommodation, secret hikes, adrenaline tours, fun activities, yummy food, you name it, we have it! Something for everyone and we are more than happy to share all of that fun with you.


We have done our homework visiting hotels and trying different tours and adventures and we want to share that with future travelers.


But more than the standard trip, we want you to experience the Pura Vida life, there are many things we love and enjoy about this country ....


Our cultural background makes us unique and my husband says he loves Ticos because of their sense of humor, laidback attitude and fun-loving nature.

We want you to take your adventure deep into our cultural roots and enjoy a conversation with a farmer over freshly brewed coffee and “tortillas con queso”, it might turn out that neither of you understand what the other is saying, but I promise you there will be a lot of laughs and you will have made a good friend by the end.


Take the back road to discover waterfalls, cows on the way, and buy treats in the “pulperias”. Swim in the rivers and have an egg sandwich for lunch, hike to the forest and eat freshly picked mangoes off the trees.


Try a sip of “vino de coyol” (but just a little because is very strong), get to know the real locals that built this country years ago and see why they are so proud of it.

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