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8 Interesting facts about Costa Rica

1) Our nickname is Ticos and Ticas, because when we speak we add diminutives to many words, like chiquito ( small) chiquitito 2) At the south pacific, there is an area call Bahia Ballena ( Whale Bay ) because it has the perfect shape of a whale's tail when you see it from the air 3) One of the 5 “blue zones” of the world is located in Costa Rica, specifically in the town of Nicoya, Guanacaste, north pacific. Here most of the local people surpass the age of 100 years 4) 5% of the world biodiversity is found in Costa Rica

5) We don't have an army since 1949 6) 98% of the energy we consume is renewable since 2014

7) Gallo pinto is the meal we all like to eat for breakfast, is a mix of rice and beans and people from other countries think we eat too much rice and beans, but we are pretty sure, there is never enough of it !!

8) 25% of our territory has been declared protected area and this is the reason why our diversity keeps growing making this country a green paradise.

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