A weekend in Monteverde, cloud forest of Costa Rica

My family and I decided to visit Monteverde Cloud Forest, it was amazing. We left San Jose and it took us approximately three hours to get there on a fully paved road which was in good condition offering scenic views of the mountains. We arrived at our lovely hotel & Spa called the Poco a Poco. It is a modern hotel, with fantastic surroundings, a swimming pool under roof with hanging plants, a jacuzzi, nice landscaped gardens to walk around, and a very cozy restaurant with great food and service, and live music in the evening. The receptionists were very helpful providing information about what to see in Monteverde.

We got to the hotel, checked in, dropped our luggage off, went for a nice lunch and then we jumped into the jaccuzzi to relax a little after the journey, then, we got ready to experience our first adventure, a nighttime guided tour in Monteverde, called the Caminata Los Sueños.

Things to do in Monteverde

Nighttime hike

We arrived at 6pm, when it started to go dark and met our incredible guide and started walking, with our flashlights. The nighttime Hiking tour in the cloud forest lasted approximately 3 hours, walking deep into the dark forest, looking and listening for movements or the sound of birds, animals or insects. We got very lucky, the first animal we saw was a sloth, it was up high on a big tree, it was eating and it did not seem bothered by us, then we came across couple of Toucans, beautiful colored, one sleeping and the other one still awake almost like he was on watch!. We then came across an orange kneed Tarantula, which was clearly not comfortable in our presence, and so took refuge in their nest. The feeling of walking in the forest during the nighttime hike in Monteverde is an indescribable experience of both fear and adventure. Full moon that night caused the animals to hide from predators more than they would normally do, but gave the paths a shiny magical look. Finally on our way out we found a baby Lora (side striped palm pit viper), hanging on the branch of a tree and although it was small it was highly venomous, if bitten the venom can kill you within four hours, fortunate the tour companies have doses of antidotes always available.

You are allowed to take none flash photos, so as not to disturb the wildlife in their habitat. When we finished we thanked our great guide and went for a delicious meal at the very popular, Tree House Restaurant in the center of Monteverde where we had made a reservation. I can highly recommend it for the great food and service.

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