Camping in Costa Rica

When I was a kid, we used to go camping to the beach or mountains of Costa Rica with our parents, siblings, pets and friends.

We had to pack that much stuff in the car that there was no space for us and we had to squeeze on top of each other among the boxes of food.

Worst part was putting together the tents, I remember everyone running away, it was complicated and took forever, later, when the night arrived, we got out the gas lamps, but always forgot the gas, or we had the Coleman lamps, the light they gave was bright like a star, but the fabric inside was so delicate and breakable that worked only a few nights.

Dinner time

Food was another challenge... of course mom knew it and came prepared with tuna and pasta salad and boiled eggs with salt, just in case dad could not get the grill going to cook the meat. we always had a backup plan, because the charcoal wasn´t any place to be seen or if we were lucky enough to find it, it was wet.

Fun time

If you add the lack of clean water and having to sleep on the grounds because the foam mattress got wet being on the roof of the car, it really sounds like a calamity, but it was great, no matter all the suffering and challenges, my memories of camping are unforgettable adventures. The laughter, the running around in the jungle, swimming in the rivers, brave explorers during the day and not so much at night time ...

This is why I want to tell you about a new way of camping in Costa Rica, 4x4 vehicles turn into a camping van available for rent in Costa Rica, an excellent option, the best way to go, equipped with everything you need.

They offer 4x4´s and minivans for camping in Costa Rica big enough for 2 to 6 people, turned into the most efficient camper vans that you can travel with off road. Every detail has been designed to offer comfort and functionality to make your trip a pleasant experience.

A practical design to enjoy nature

Once you find the perfect spot to camp, first thing you should set is the tent on the side of the vehicle that gives you an instant terrace with shade for your camping table and chairs.

The cars have been modified with a cooking space on the back and everything you need for cooking outdoors in Costa RIca, without having the smell of food inside, it also includes a big container for water, a cooler and all the basic cooking and serving tools.

The sleeping arrangements

The thing I liked the most was the sleeping tent, perched on the roof and super easy to set up, it only takes 10 minutes!

With the temperatures in Costa Rica this is the best way to be restful at night time, you have comfort and security from the mosquitoes, but also fresh air and a view.

The campers have been designed for 2 to 6 people traveling together, which makes the trip more affordable, but also funnier when you travel with a group of friends or a big family.

Sleeping in a tent in Costa Rica is a unforgettable experience, see the sky, enjoy the peaceful silence and be one with mother nature

The space inside is sufficient and very well organized, everything is easy to take out and put back in again.

Costa Rica off the beaten path has beautiful places to enjoy, beaches, jungles, where nature has been almost untouched, but for this reason, there are not many facilities available like hotels or restaurants.

This is why the vans are the perfect solution for the adventurous who want to discover those little pieces of paradise, away from the standard tourist.

You can be a pathfinder in the jungles of Costa Rica.

Sites for camping in Costa Rica

There is an app that works worldwide and in Costa Rica have more than 1500 camping sites, some are established camp grounds and other ones are informal, but all of those options are spread along the country and offer secure and basic facilities for a unique and wild experience where you can stay for 1 night or many days.

Camping in Costa Rica is a great way to discover the natural beauties, those campers are customized with everything you need for living outdoor and plenty of space for family and friends.

Saving when enjoying

This is definitely a different way of traveling, because you have transportation, accommodation and food all in one, suitable for the lovers of outdoor adventures in Costa Rica.

If you want more information, please write to.

We have special discounts for our friends and costumers, and we can also put together a traveling itinerary, depending on how many days you have available for your trip and what you would like to see and do!

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