Learn TICO spanish!

Every country has its own language, words that means something unique only for the locals and in Costa Rica we have many funny words.

Do you want to learn to speak like us?? Here is a list of some of the most popular words in the costarrican language.

  • Mae = Dude, pal, friend, guy, friendly way to refer to someone.

  • Tico/Tica = Costarrican.

  • Tuanis = Nice! cool, thanks, awesome basically anything.

  • Pura Vida = The most Costarrican saying ever, it can be the answer to anything that is positive.

  • Birra / Imperial = Beer/ most popular brand.

  • Casado = A plate with rice, beans, meat, and some vegetables it is a typical lunch and it is usually what you order at a “soda”.

  • Soda = small, local restaurant that offers cheap traditional food.

  • Gallo Pinto = typical breakfast food composed of… you guessed it rice and beans.

  • Chiliguaro= alcoholic shot composed of tomato juice, chili, lemon, salt and “Guaro”.

  • Un rojo = translates to “a red” , means 1000 Costarrican Colones, aprox.1.6 euros.

  • Pulperia = small shop in faraway towns where you can buy ANYTHING; literately.

  • Vino de coyol = a very strong liquor obtained from a tree.

  • Chunche = it could be anything, is it use to describe anything.

  • La vara = the thing, the situation.

  • La monchis = hungry.

Things to look out for: