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Available at La Fortuna, Manuel Antonio beach and by the Rincon de La Vieja volcano, Guanacaste this activity is also called canyoning, it entails rappelling down a waterfall, whilst hanging from a harness, the powerful cascade of water will challenge you when climbing the rocks to end with a dip in the river after conquering it and arriving at the bottom.

  • Where: At La Fortuna, Rincon de la Vieja, Guanacaste and Manuel Antonio  and Jaco.

  • When: available twice a day, mainly in the morning.

  • Who:  from 12 years old   accompanied by an adult.

  • How much: price vary from the activities package you select and the location but stars at $89.

  • How long: 4 hours.

  • What to bring: dry fast clothing, long pants, close shoes.  

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