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Where To Go  

Costa Rica is a small country, but it has many little secrets waiting for you...


There are 5 main areas everybody loves to visit, but besides those popular spots, the country offers many more locations, nature parks, hiking places, isolated beaches, colorful towns and rivers for swimming.


North pacific.

I was born in San Jose, my father´s job required him to move to Liberia when I was 5 years old.


The “white city” welcomed us with a big colonial house covered with white dust and a big courtyard in the middle, we lived there for 7 years and my whole childhood was filled with adventures.


One of my happiest memories was waiting at the intersection for the   traffic light to change from red to green, it was a free pass to total bliss, the road to the beaches...


Guanacaste is in the north , the hottest place I know, almost like a desert during the dry season, but the location of the most beautiful beaches I have seen, and it is not an exaggeration, I have tried to find better beach spots, only Vieques Island at Puerto Rico and Zanzibar, Tanzania get close.


We are so lucky when we were kids, every weekend, we would head to a new unspoiled spot, all those long white sand beaches and warm waves to play in were our playgrounds and we would sit under tall palm trees to eat the yummy picnic mom had prepared for lunch.


The north coast comprises about 25 well identified beaches from the border with Nicaragua south to where the province of Puntarenas starts.


I will tell you about the most well-known and my favorite ones ...

La Cruz  

Right at the border with Nicaragua, this area is still isolated and there is not much development, except for the gorgeous 4-star all-inclusive resort Dream Mareas, they were brave enough to build a luxury complex in a far, far away breathtaking Peninsula in the Golf of Santa Elena...

If you survive the road, you will be rewarded with a beautiful long beach and one of the best all-inclusive resorts in the country, great service, and fancy facilities.


Close to this complex you can also find other beaches with privacy and crystal-clear waters.

Playa Naranjo  

This beach is where dry forest, mangrove and the sea meet and create magnificent scenery.

Located in the same gulf, at the entrance to the historic Santa Rosa National Park, where Costa Ricans fought William Walker’s army and managed to beat him with rocks and sticks. You can learn more about this chapter of our history here (Juan Santamaria National Hero) .

Favorite spot for surfers and campers, Roca Bruja waits for you with not much facilities, but natural beauties, if you are an adventure seeker, surfer, love camping, mosquitoes and fighting for your dinner with racoons, please visit this spot.


Following the coastline south, we will find the Golf of Papagayo, very famous for its blue relaxing waters and easy access from Liberia, these beaches are the most popular among the locals because you can find different ranges of accommodation and lots of options for eating.

Playa Panama  

Only a few kilometers long, but with 2 great places to stay; Casa Conde Del Mar, an all-inclusive resort that I particularly like because is not so big and not so crowded, with very reasonable prices and good food and service.


Next door is The Mangroove, an exclusive 4 start resort, with gorgeous gardens and very popular for weddings.

Luxury at the Peninsula of Papagayo

The amazing views and calm waters have convinced some of most trendy resorts to make this coast their home. The exclusive Four Seasons Resort, popular among movie stars, features awesome white sand beaches, a spectacular 18-hole Arnold Palmer golf course and the only grass tennis courts in Costa Rica. Other all-inclusive resorts like Planet Hollywood, Secrets Papagayo, Riu Costa Rica and Andaz Peninsula Papagayo are all located along this peninsula.


These resorts offer first class services, beach front facilities, fun, games, water sports, delicious food, juices, cocktails and desserts, all day and the most comfortable and elegant rooms waiting for you after a beautiful, fun-filled day.


We know many of our customers just want to unwind and be pampered, for those sun and relaxation seekers we have special discounts and offers, please click here if you want to know more. 

Playas del Coco

This is one of favorite spots for locals, Ticos like Playas del Coco because there are many bars and discos and young people come here to party.


The beach is nothing special, but the town has little souvenirs shops, restaurants and there is a great aquatic taxi service which can take you on tours of surrounding beaches.

Playa Hermosa

A lovely beach with many little hotels, my choice is always Bosque del Mar, a classic boutique hotel with a romantic beach front setting where the trees invites you to dream. Fun fact; there is another Hermosa beach in the central Pacific, so don’t get mix up!


Playa Hermosa is less touristy than Playas Del Coco and has a nicer beach with more vegetation including plenty of Almendros and Palms trees, which provide shade to visitors.


This beach is very small and well known for scuba diving and snorkeling. It has crystal clear waters and is very safe for swimming. There is plenty of marine life to discover even in shallow depths.


Ocotal is surrounded by hillsides and bluffs which offer breathtaking views of the beach and ocean below. One beach north is the small but spectacular Playa Gringo with access not for the faint hearted due to the narrow and steep hillsides surrounding it. There are restaurants and bars with easy access to the beach, which makes it a nice place to hang out at during the day, if you want to have facilities close at hand.